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Application for board member 2023

We have received another application to the board in 2023 and to preserve the democratic legal process we are also publishing their application here.

Here, you members get the chance to give your opinion about the people who have applied.

Application :

Hey! My name is Mathilda and I want to apply for the post of board member in the Student Union for the year 2023. I have been thinking about applying for a long time and I now feel that the post suits me perfectly.

I have previously been involved when the student union organized kick-off 2022, and I have worked for the university as a student representative and shared my education on the university's social media. Previously, I have worked in several different activities where the focus was on caring for and spreading joy to people aged 4-25 in LSS accommodation, as a substitute teacher and dance teacher for children, and for young adults with neuropsychiatric functional variations.

I am looking for this position as I want to participate more in the organization of the Student Union and come along as a breath of fresh air and spread joy and commitment.

My friends would described me as caring and genuine, with an eye for problem solving and a sharp tongue. I am comfortable with taking responsibility and I hope that a position in the Student Union can develop me as a person and bring new thoughts to the current members. Thanks! Mathilda

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