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Why does Kristianstad Student Union exist?

The student union exists because, according to the higher education regulation, there must be a student organization that represents the students towards the university, i  in this case Kristianstad University. The organization is structured with a working committee of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Student Representative and a Student Social Coordinator. Kristianstad Student Union also has an employee who is responsible for the finances.  

President- Responsible for the operations and also the main student protection officer.

Vice Chairman -Responsible for the accommodation issue for the students and the graphics for the student union. 

Student representative -Responsible for being a link between the students and teachers, takes care of all student legal matters related to examinations.

Study social coordinator - Responsible for the study social for all students at the university.


As a student union, it is important that we have student influence at the university. We can do this via various councils and committees. Below are the councils and committees we sit on as well as information about some. 

Should you as a student be interested in representing your faculty or program,you will find the information here about vacant councils and committees.

Student influence at HKR

Councils and committees concerning formally student influence 

The University Board

The task of the University Board is to have a holistic view and overall responsibility for all activities.

Our AU (work committee) is sitting here as representatives. 

Disciplinary Committee 

The Disciplinary Committee sets other requirements when sensitive issues are being discussed. Among other things, student cases concerning individual convictions for attempted deception are dealt with here.

Two members of the student union are sitting here


Rector's management team

The constellation and the need for student representation may vary depending on the issues to be addressed. The representative also needs a high level of insight into KSK's operations.

The Council for Study Administration and Student Support

The council deals with, among other things, admission matters and administration regarding student support and student assistance.

The Student Complaints Group

The group processes complaints from students who have entered the student center via forms at HKR. These mainly relate to student legal matters and general complaints about, for example, accessibility.

The Council for Internationalization

The Council is the communication channel between the International Office and the rest of HKR.

The Quality Council

The council reviews the quality assurance system and manages improvements to this. The council's work is also followed by reviews and quality projects

The Dimensioning Council

A council that meets at longer intervals. Here, among other things, programs, courses, application numbers, throughput and recommendation for possible discontinuation of programs are discussed.

Lärosäten syd (LSS)

The purpose of the association is to cooperate between the higher education institutions by having union presidents and rectors at southern higher education institutions discuss together.

The introductory group

A group where HKR and KSK collaborate on the introduction of new students at HKR. Right now, the group exists with the aim of developing a rewarding form of joint introduction to HKR's students.

Decision meetings

This meeting applies to all decisions taken by the Rector and the University Director. This exists so that the student union can get an insight into the decisions made at the university.

Quality projects

This is a project that takes place once a year between March and April. It is a project that teachers at the university submit their projects to in order to receive grants.

Security patrols

This group works as a complement to safety representative meetings and takes place in various locations at the college to control the study environment and the safety of employees and students.

● Central collaboration, local collaboration & local collaboration HGS

The council collaborates on issues that will later be dealt with in the faculty committees.

Councils and committees concerning educational activities

The Faculty Boards

The Faculty Boards are responsible for deciding on matters that concern all education, research, employment and promotion matters as well as other matters that come to the faculty and / or its dean / meeting chairman.

Students are allowed to sit on the faculty boards, preferably students within their own faculty.

  Dean's decision within Faculties 

Within the dean's decisions, one of Kårarvoderande has insight into the faculty. Preferably someone who has studied / is studying within the faculty.

Syllabus Committee for the Faculties

Within the syllabus committees, there is a union member with strong insight into the faculty, preferably someone who has studied / is studying within the faculty.

  The training group

In the study group, the general structure between the faculties is discussed. General questions can also concern designations of educations and general questions about course and education plans.

Temporary councils and committees

The City Campus project

In this project, the chairman works to be the students' voice regarding a new campus. The council consists of a working committee and a steering group.

 The student's digital journey

This project involves mapping the student's digital journey from admission to graduation and what can be done to work and improve the student's digital journey. 

Europa University

Europa University is an ongoing project where the University is working towards obtaining European university status with other higher education institutions in Europe. The student union has two representatives with it.

 Studentstaden Kristianstad

In ÅSS, Kristianstad Student Union works together with Kristianstad University and Kristianstad Municipality to become a better student city. This is done by making the city nicer and more attractive to live, live and study in. You can read more about all the things we have done here

Student influence

As the students are the ones undergoing education at a university, the students should also have a say in the development of the educations. Student influence is when students share their views on education and other factors at the university to the university in order to be able to influence. must function and be made visible to HKR as well as the students.

If you want to influence and be part of the student influence that exists at HKR, it can make a big difference to the business both today and in the future.

If you are interested in being a student representative, you can fill in an expression of interest below and we will get back to you when there are places available.

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