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New student

We at the student union wish you a big welcome as a student at HKR!

Being a new student can be a bit overwhelming as there is a lot to learn and try to keep track of. Then it can be good to know that the student union exists to make your life as a student as easy as possible. If you have questions, need help with your studies or finding your way around the campus and websites, you can always ask us. Here on the website, we have also tried to include as much "good-to-have" information as possible.

Good luck with your studies!

Team work

Now that you are new and want to get into student life and life in Kristianstad, it can be useful to become a member with us. We as a student union are there for all students, but if you are a member we can also offer some other fun benefits! Look under the tab "become a member" and take the opportunity to buy membership for only SEK 50 per semester already today!

Become a member of the Kristianstad Student Union

Good to know as a new student at HKR

Residence, to live in Kristianstad

The student union has a housing guarantee you can apply for. The process can be confusing, but here you will find more information!

Support and adaptation from HKR

If you are not sure what you can get as help from HKR on various things, you can read here

Maria Skåne

If you feel that you have problems with Alcohol or if you know anyone that has contact Maria skåne.

Find your schedule

Having trouble finding your schedule? As long as you have a course or program code, you can search with it here

Get your HKR card

Remember to get your HKR card so you can enter the school premises 

Student Health Service

Are you feeling down? Need somone to talk  to? Then the student health service is the right place for you

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