Bed and Study

Bed and Study is one  concept developed by a group of nursing students at Kristianstad University. The idea behind Bed and Study was to try to reduce the stress that many students feel about commuting  but also to try to give students a good work environment that in many cases can not be found at home.

Bed and Study is an idea  by students, for students and presented in three different forms.

Studieron ​ 

Here, students have the opportunity to study in peace and quiet, every day of the year, around the clock. In addition, wifi and coffee or tea are included. The offer applies to all students and no pre-booking is required. You as a student pay nothing to take part in this.







To you who applied  student housing

If you have applied for student housing and are waiting to move in, you can stay in a hotel at a discounted price at the beginning of the semester. The discounted price also includes breakfast at the hotel. To secure your place, please contact one of the following hotels and enter the booking code '' HKR2021 ''

Hotel night

As a student at Kristianstad University, you can stay a couple of days in a hotel room for a reduced price. This is so that students do not have to commute back and forth during, for example, exams or group studies.

The students' idea was realized through a collaboration between the Student Union, the University and Kristianstad Municipality.