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Under this page, you who may be studying at HKR and also you who are members of Kristianstad's Student Union will find various discounts. 

To show that you are a student, you just show your patronage card on the phone. Should you be a member of the Kristianstad Student Union, the patronage card will be red. (see image below for information).

For you as a company, you will find an application further down if you want to get in touch to have a student discount.

Member of the Kristianstad student union

Mecenat kort Kåren.png

Not a member of the Kristianstad student union

Mecenat kort

Student Friendly

Student Friendly is the name for every discount that exists for students in Kristianstad, From mecenat discounts to just normal discounts and our member discounts.

Member discounts:

  • Possibility to buy course literature in our union bookstore

  • 10% rabatt on all the office supplies we sell in the union office

  • O'Leary's(Discounted prices on food, drinks and games) Ask at the bar what applies to presenting Membership cards.

  • Headon Kristianstad - 15% on the treatment of your choosing at Madde, Elin & Lilija. Mondays- Wednesday between 10:00 to 15:00, you have to show your red mecenat card

  • Café Taste - 5% on lunch if you are a member with the red mecenat card. 

  • Sushi maki - 15% on ordinary prices if you are a member with a red mecenat card.

  • Cronerts jewelry & interior design - 20% discount on one product if you are a member with a red mecenat card

  • Partaj - 15% on masquerade goods, when you show the red mecenat card

  • Darins - 10% on everything except ordered goods, when you show to red mecenat card

  • Hälsokraft - 10% on ordinary prices if you are a member with a red mecenat card

  • Kristianstad Athletic Club- Discounted prices on full and half-year passes (showing membership).

  - SEK 1,800 instead of SEK 2,000 (Year-round)

  - SEK 1,000 instead of SEK 1,100 (Semiannual)

Accommodation and travel 

Other discounts

  • 50% discount on home insurance from Hedvig
    Hedvig offers Sweden's most popular home insurance for students. Use the code ksk50 and get 50% off for 3 months. Read more and take out your student insurance here

Mecenats discounts
To find Mecenat own discounts press the button below!


  • Leadsson - Scholarship worth 5000 crowns for students that are writing C or D level essays, last application date is 30th of april 2025, read more on their website:

If your company wants to offer a discount or a job advertisement, read below

Student Friendly

If you are a company that is interested in starting a collaboration with Kristianstad Student Union, you can contact us here at or

If you have an offer for all students and want to participate in our Student Friendly concept, click the button below and fill in the form and we will get back to you 

Job ad

Do you want to advertise a job for the student networks at Högskolan Kristianstad? Answer this form and we will help you get an ad up on our collaboration platform Orbi.

Contact our chairman at, should there be any questions.

Our collaborations

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