The accommodation gurantee

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To be able to get an accommodation from the Union you must be accepted to a course or a programme at Kristianstad University with at least 15 credits. At the same time, you must search after accommodation on your own and give an account of your search.

How does the process work?

 Register in our form (you can find it down below when the guarantee is open)

2.     Search actively for accommodation in all of Kristianstad for 30 days after registering and document your searches

3.     Hopefully, you have now gotten an accommodation offer. If not, you follow the other steps down below.


If you haven’t found an accommodation on your own after 30 days:

4.     When you have search without luck for 30 days, you fill in this form and send it to the Student Union.

5.     After you have searched by yourself and have sent in the second form, the Union have 30 more days to find you an accommodation

Registration and the guarantee´s opening periods

Registration for the housing guarantee opens when the first acceptance notice arrives each semester. It then closes one week after the start of the semester. Right now the housing guarantee is open for the semester.

Below are two links, one for registering the Housing Guarantee via a Google form and the other where you log all the applications you have made. Please register first before submitting an answer

Common questions and answers

Can you apply if you already live elsewhere in Kristianstad?

You can apply if you are already registered in Kristianstad, but everyone who is registered outside Kristianstad has priority.

What kind of housing can you get?

You can be offered student accommodation in a room, apartment or part of an apartment. The homes must be located in Kristianstad municipality and have public transport departing at least twice an hour and not further from HKR than 30 minutes. We follow the recommendations from SFS:

How much rent can a home be on?

We follow SFS's recommendations here as well and do not want an annual rent to exceed 35% of what a student has in income through study grants and any housing allowance.

Can you apply before you have been notified of the application?

No, registration opens when the admission notice arrives and to be able to get a home, you need to be admitted to a course or a program at HKR of at least 15 credits.

Can you live more than one in a home from the guarantee?

The housing guarantee applies to the person who applied for it. Unfortunately, it can then not be guaranteed that the home you get has room for more than one person.

Are you allowed to bring pets in the homes you can get from the guarantee?

The housing guarantee applies to the person who applied for it. As housing can come from both established and private landlords, there is no guarantee that pets are allowed in the home.

How does the warranty work if I have a functional variation?

The hope is that everyone will be able to apply for the accomodation guarantee to get a roof over their heads. But unfortunately, this does not always mean that the home you can get will be adapted for any functional variations.

If you have any other questions regarding student housing, just contact our accomodation coordinator at

Tips on landlords

  • AB Kristianstadsbyggen, - Are the ones who take care of the majority of the student housing around the university and in Kristianstad.

  • SBS student, - They have a lot of housing very close to the university.

  • is a meeting place for everyone who wants to rent out vacant rental housing, but also for all housing applicants who are looking for housing right now.

  • The agency Hyra Bostad is a modern marketplace that matches landlords with housing applicants.

  • You can find more home renters at Kristianstad Municipality's housing page ,

  • At there are some student apartments.