Become a member

How do I become a member?

A membership only costs 50 kr per semester and there are two ways to sign up for one. The first way is to visit us in house 15, first floor and in to the left. Our opening hours are between 09:00 and 16:00 and we only take card payment.

If you can’t come visit, you can still become a member here!

Why should I become a member?

Members are important to us so that we can make the general student opinions herd at the University as well as in other places where students can have an influence. As a member that means you can take part in helping and making other students time at the university better!

On top of that, we at the union also try to give our members something extra as a thank you. We do this by fixing extra discounts and giving you benefits through gifts or free entrance to our events. One example from the autumn semester 2020 is that we gave out membership bags that were worth 70 kr. Since a membership costs 50 kr, we hope that can feel like a good bonus!

As an extra bonus, members can apply to take a bigger part in the work we do at the Union. When you are a member you can apply to both our social committee, SAUS, and our Union Board. So, if you are interested in arranging social events or in being a part of the bigger decisions being taken at the Union, you can find more information here at the website!

Of course, you can also contact us directly!