Students' rights and obligations

As a student at Kristianstad University, you have both rights and obligations towards the university. There are some things you are entitled to and others that you need to think about in order for your education to continue smoothly. A document that several students should be aware of is "regler för kursansvar och examination" where you can see both things you are entitled to and things that the university is entitled to.

Student case

If something should go wrong or if you feel that something is not going right during your education, you can report your problem as a student case. When it comes to student cases and student complaints, there is a flow from the university that we at the union follow. So if you have any questions, complaints or concerns, follow this order:

  1. Contact the relevant teacher / course coordinator / program area manager or manager of your course or program and strive to come up with a solution.

  2. If you have not been heard, you can then contact the union's student representative or student chief safety representative. One of these then assesses the matter and can either answer directly or contact those responsible for solving the problem.

  3. If a solution to the problem can still not be reached, you as a student will be contacted again and can then fill in the form "comments and complaints". The form then goes to a group where, among other things, the student proxy is present. The case is documented and handled here. Then, as a student, you will receive a message and be notified that the case has been closed.

Working environment

If you have questions about or views on your work environment here at the university, the student union is also on hand through our student chief safety representative. When views on the university as a workplace are received the safety representative has the opportunity to pass them on to the university and work on improving the environment we have and work in. If you also want to be involved in the work of developing and improving the work environment, there is also the opportunity to become one of the union's student safety representatives. If you are interested in this, just get in touch with our Vice Chairman at for more information.