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Students' rights and obligations

As a student at Kristianstad University, you have both rights and obligations towards the institution. There are certain things you are entitled to and others that you need to consider in order for your education to proceed smoothly. A document that several students should know is"rules for course responsibility and examination"there you can see both things you are entitled to and things the university is entitled to.

Help from us at KSK

We at Kristianstad Student Union (KSK) can help students at the university with both work environment issues and questions regarding study time. The work with the study environment is something we would like students to be a part of, after all, it is both students and employees who work here at the college. In addition to the environment, there are also other things that can get in the way of students being able to complete their studies. For example, it sometimes happens that there are problems with examinations. Then we are there as support and can answer questions or solve problems that students themselves do not know where to turn to.

Student case

If something should go wrong or if you feel that something is not right during your education, you can report your problem as a student case. When it comes to student cases and student complaints, there is a flow from the university that we at the corps follow. So if you have questions, complaints or concerns, follow this order:

  1. Contact the concerned teacher/course manager/programme area manager or head of your course or program and strive to find a solution.

  2. If you have not been heard, you can then contact the union's student representative or the main student protection representative. One of these then assesses the case and can either respond directly or the person responsible can be contacted to solve the problem.

  3. If a solution to the problem still cannot be reached, you as a student will be contacted again and can then fill in the form "opinions and complaints". The form then goes to a group where, among other things, the student representative sits. This is where the case is documented and handled. You, as a student, will then receive a message and be informed that the matter has been closed. 

Working environment

If you have questions about or comments on your work environment here at the university, the student union is also on hand through our main student protection representative. Views on the university as a workplace are received and the safety representative has the opportunity to pass them on to the university and work on improving the environment we have and work in. If you also want to be involved in the work of developing and improving the working environment, there is also the opportunity to become one of the corps' student protection representatives. If you are interested in this, just contact our Vice Chairman atvordf@ksk.nufor more information.

How can I seek help?

You can email our main student protection representative if you, for example:

  • Wants to become a student welfare officer

  • Have discovered that something is unsafe for students at HKR

  • Have views on the work environment at HKR

Email address for the main student protection officer:


You can email our student representative if you, for example:

  • Have questions about rules for exams or examinations

  • Has been treated unfairly or discriminated against at HKR

  • Wondering about disciplinary matters or appeals

Email address for student representative: student

Help to get from HKR

Studenters rättigheter och skyldigheter

Här hittar du information gällande studenträttsliga ärenden och klagomålshantering


Här finns information gällande studenthälsan

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