Kristianstad's student life

The student union wants that the existing student life to live on and flourish with the help of old as well as new students. Three ways to learn more about what student life here means are:

  1. Download and look in the "student's guide to Kristianstad"

  2. Participate in the union's kick-off or other activities during the year

  3. Come and ask one of the union members for information, tips and tricks

What do students do together?

Everything from hanging out and having fun with each other to go to other student cities to meet people with other student cultures. If you want to make your time as a student memorable and get the chance to meet and socialize with more students, an overall or participation in activities at HKR can be a good start. And if you want to know even more about what student life means, there are the three tips above!

What is an overall?

A garment that several students wear to show their belonging to the student life and the program they are studying. On this overall, you can draw, write, sew patches and decorate exactly as you want to make it as personal as possible. In Kristianstad, you get your own red kick-off overalls during the kick-off, which follows during the activities we usually do together. When the kick-off is over, however, several students usually want to get a new overall in the color that belongs to the faculty you are studying under.

Foto 2021-08-28 18 39 03.jpg

In Kristianstad, there are 5 different colors of overalls

Red - The kick-off overalls that you can keep or replace if you want
Purple - The Faculty of Learning, educations that have to do with the teaching profession
Blue - The Faculty of Health, education in healthcare and health
Green - Faculty of Nature, educations such as IT, food and science
Yellow - Faculty of Economics, education such as economics, human resources and digital design

Black - Special overall that you deserve if you have been elected to work for the student union