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Kristianstad's student life

The student union ensures that the existing student life lives on and thrives with the help of old as well as new students. Three ways to learn more about student life here are:

  1. Download and take a look at our interactive brochure below

  2. Participate in the student unions kick-off or other activities during the year

  3. Come and ask one of the student unions board members for information, tips and tricks

What do students do together?

Everything from hanging out and having fun with each other to going to other student cities to meet people with other student cultures. If you want to make your time as a student memorable and get the chance to meet and spend time with more students, a coverall or participation in activities at HKR can be a good start. And if you want to know even more about what student life entails, there are the three tips above!

The Social Committee

Our social committee, Sexmästeriet, takes care of many of the social events that happen around the student union and HKR. The sexmästeri consists of a presidium with a chairman and a deputy chairman. These two are selected during the election meeting in the fall semester. These sit on the union board as members and are involved in deciding the points raised during the board meetings.


If you want to be part of the Sexmästeri and not sit on the presidium of the Sexmästeriet, you can sit as a member. These sit and plan events during the year such as parties, game nights and rally events. Application to join as a member and more information press here!

What is an overall?

A garment that many students wear to show their belonging to student life and the program they are studying. On overall, you can draw, write, sew on marks and decorate exactly as you want to make it as personal as possible. In Kristianstad, during kick-off, you get your own red kick-off overalls that come with you during the activities we usually do together. During the kick-off, all students receive a patch that has the same color as the faculty they belong to. This patch is sewn onto the legs to show that one belongs to a certain faculty. 

In Kristianstad, there are 5 different colors of overalls

These marks represent the various faculties at Kristianstad University. Badges are available during kick-off but can also be purchased in the office. You can also buy other brands and overalls in different colors. Students can dye their own overalls if they wish. The work committee at Kristianstad Student Union wears black overalls.

- Personnel and working life

- Economy

- Digital Design


- Subject Teacher

- Primary School Teacher

- Preschool Teacher

- After-school Teacher


- Dental hygniest

- Nurse

- Behavioral science

- Public health scientist


- Gastronomes

- Biomedicine

- Landscape scientist

- Environmental strategist

- Everything related to IT

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