The importance of engagement

Engagement and involvement are very important for us as a Student Union! The Union is made up of students who choose to spend their time on helping and make the study time better for other students. The more students we are that what to get involved, the more we can do for other students and the more impact we can have in questions regarding our students. If you choose to engage in the union, that is a great thing to have in future job applications and during the semester, we also try to thank the students who are engaged through a thank-you-event and other fun benefits. Every engaged student count and both we and

 the students at HKR are grateful for everyone who choose to do something, big or small, for others!

How to get involved

As a student you can get involved in different ways and on different levels. When you study you can first and foremost be sure to always answer your course evaluation forms! The teachers in your programme will also be more than happy if you are willing to represent and share feedback on the course or programme during your time as a student.

If you want more time on the floor around other students, you can always get involved with our social committee (SAUS), the Student Unions board or our bigger event such as the kick-off. You can find more about applying to SAUS, the board or to be engaged in events like the kick-off here on the website or by contacting us at the Union!

How to get involved


Förutom att du får ha enormt roligt och träffa vänner för livet kommer där också finnas ett större tack till dig!

Varje termin brukar en tacksittning hållas dit de engagerade bjuds in för att äta god mat och ha trevligt tillsammans. Är du inte engagerad ännu, så är det aldrig försent för studenter!