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In addition to having enormous fun and meeting friends for life, there will also be a bigger thank you to you!

Every semester, a thanksgiving session is usually held where those involved are invited to eat good food and have a good time together. If you are not committed yet, it is never too late for students!



The importance of getting involved

Engagement is very important to us as a student union! The entire student body consists of students who choose to spend their time helping and making things better for other students. The more students we have who want to get involved, the more we can do for others and the more influence we can have in matters concerning our students. If you have chosen to get involved, you can include this in your CV and in addition, as a student union, we try to show gratitude for those involved through thank you sessions and other benefits during the semester. Every committed student counts and both we and the students at the college are grateful to everyone who chooses to do something, big or small, for others!

As a student, you can get involved in different ways and at different levels. As a student, you can first of all be careful to fill in your course evaluations! But there is also the opportunity to sit on your own program council as a student representative, if you want more, you can also apply to become a member of your faculty committee. There you get an additional opportunity to have your say on everything from your program to employment and distribution of money within the faculty. Of course, there are also other councils and committees where HKR is happy to see that students are willing to influence, so contact us if you have more questions.

If you want to be more on the floor among other students, you can also join and get involved in our social committee, Sexmästeriet, union board or our larger events such as kick-off! You can find the application to sit on the Sexmästeriet, the board or be involved in events such as kicking in here on the website or by contacting us!

How to get involved

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How to get involved

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