Student influence

Something that is very important to remember is that the Student Union represents the students and work to spread the general student opinion. Therefor it is of big importance that students come to us and tell us what they think. We try to, as often as possible, ask questions to the students before there are any big decisions and we are always willing to spread information about what is going on at HKR and around student Sweden. We are happy to have you if you want to take part in the work we do to make an impact and to make your voice heard through us as a Union!

Places where we have student influence

  • Högskolestyrelsen

  • Rektorns ledningsgrupp

  • Fakultetsnämnden för Lärande

  • Fakultetsnämnden för Hälsa

  • Fakultetsnämnden för Ekonomi

  • Fakultetsnämnden för Natur

  • Beslutsmöten med de fyra dekanerna

  • Rådet för studieadministration och studentstöd

  • Rektorns ledningsråd

  • Internationaliseringsrådet

  • Central samverkan

  • HKR:s skyddsronder

  • Kvalitetsrådet

  • Digitaliseringsrådet

  • Disciplinnämnden

  • City Campus styrgrupp

  • Utbildningsgruppen

Are you interested in being a student representative or just want to know more about where we have places, you can contact

Kristianstad Studentkår

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  • Vit YouTube Ikon

If you want to get in touch with us or visit us at our office, you are warmly welcome !

Elmetorpsvägen 15

291 39 Kristianstad

House 15 floor 1


079-310 10 07

Office opening hours:

Monday 09.30 - 16.00

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