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Kick-off 2024
5th of September - 14th of September


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Kickstart your study time

By participating in KSK's kick-off, you as a new student get the absolute best start to your studies. With the rally on, you immediately have almost 150 new friends with whom you will hang out in the coming semesters. Take the chance to get to know each other before the study period begins!


A rich student life

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Kristinastad University and KSK offer a unique student life for all students at the university. With over 50 different programs at the university alone, there is guaranteed to be something that interests you. By participating in Kristianstad Inspark, you as a new student get an exclusive opportunity to meet and if you want to get involved in student life!

Engage in the kick-off
Have you already been kicked-off at HKR once? No worries, the kick-off can still be fun for you! Every year we look for students in the union who are interested in being involved. As a committed member, you represent the union during the kick-in and help make the kick-in as fun as possible!

Registrations for different types come on the website and social media. If you have questions about what the assignment entails, you can always send questions on the corps' social media or directly to

HYPE kick-in!

Apply for the kick-off!

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