The kick-off is an activity arranged by the Student Union every autumn semester (when there is no Pandemic in the way). The purpose with the kick-off if to give you students a smooth transition over to higher education and what we call the student life. During the kick-off you get to learn how to find your way around campus, but you can also get tips from other students and a platform to get to know other people!

The kick-off is for every student that haven’t had a kick-off at Kristianstad University. It doesn’t matter if you started the same autumn or if you are about to graduate. If you already have had a kick-off, why not take part of it again but as a helper/engaged person to help the new students have fun!

You can find the application for the kick-off here on the website or on our social medias when the semester is about to start!

If you already had your kick-off at HKR, no problem, the kick-off can still be fun for you! Every year we at the Union look for students that are interested in being engaged in the activities. As an engaged student you represent the Union and help the attending students to make the best of the time they have at the kick-off!

The applications for different types of positions during the kick-off will be available on the website and on our social medias. If you have more questions about the requirements or the position you are welcome to ask on social medias or email straight to

Prepare for the kick-off! 

Engage in the kick-off