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Hello and welcome to the month of March, we here at Kristianstad studentunion would like to welcome you all and we hope that your studies have been going well! 

Things that have happend:

The first thing and maybe the most important thing that has happened is that Kristianstad student union has been giving out free coffee to the students of HKR to market the student union!

President Hugo and Vice President David has also been to dinner with Vice Chancellor Håkan Phil, University Director Åsa Vännman and Pro-Vice-Chancellor Anneli Orrung Wallin to discuss the future plans of the Student Union!

The Kick-off has been starting to be planned which is incredibly exciting! Keep your eyes and ears open for more information abut that!

Kristianstad student unions social committee Sexmästeriet has also had a pubthursday in february which is highly appreciated and popular amongst our members! The Sexmästerie also has had a party in february with the theme of LOVE, the party was popular and there were a lot of students participating!

President Hugo and Vice President David were also part of a radio interview were they talked about the new City Campus where the University will move into the city and what their opinions of that is. David thinks the interview went super good!

The working committee has been traveling all the way to Sundsvall to have a meeting with a bunch of other Student unions from other universities. This was to prepare for SFSFUM which will be happening in the beginning of may! If you want more information regarding what that is and how it works you can look at SFS website!

This is because Kristianstad student union is a part of a smaller organization called SAMS which is a collection of student unions from smaller Universities that work together to work together in preparation for things like SFSFUM!

Up in Sundsvall there were a lot of discussion about the incoming propositions from SFS and also about how you pronounce bearniesås, the working committee thought it was super nice up there unfortunately the train trip was super long. David is writing this article on the train, so if there are any weird things mentioned in the article it is because David has officially lost it!




Things that are happening:

First thing first Hugo and David will be working tomorrow yippie! Hugo says it will be a long day and David agrees.

This week(Week 11) it is packed with activity wawawewa! Tuesday it is lunch with the student union, where memebers can come and get free lunch, unfortunately there is only a limited amount of lunch so first come first served!

On Wednesday the same week Sexmästeriet is hosting a game night where you can show up and play games together with your friends completely for free! All you need is a Kristianstad student union membership

On Thursday it is open house at the university where there will be a lot of people who are interessted in starting at HKR, so just show up and look around se what is happening, it will be super fun!

During Friday it is party time wooohoooo! It is the student organization Cefyrekon that is hosting it, they are hosting a ST Patricks day themed party at the T-bar in Kristianstad city it only costs 80 crowns for a ticket and you need to be a member of Cefyrekon as well, but fret not since their membership is free! It will be a lot of fun! All of the board members at the Union think it will be super duper fun! For more information see their social medias -->


For everything Kristianstad student union related see our social media --> 



Kristianstad student union wishes YOU (yes you reading this) a happy continuation of March/April and good luck on your studies! I (Kristianstad student unions best and only Vice President) want to personally thank you for reading this!


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