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Intro text:

Hello all students! We hope that you have had a nice time during the month of may!

We want to congratulate all of the students who are graduating this summer! (YIPPI)

Things that have happened:

We here at Kristianstad student union together with the student organization Cefyrekon hosted a banquette at the T-bar which was superduper fun! A lot of nice memories were made there, if you didn't attend you definitely missed something!

KSK has together with Kristianstad kommun and Kristianstad University celebrated that we won the student city of the year! (YIPPI) It was celebrated at Stora torg during the first day of the culture night where the band Coola Kids was playing. Lovisa and David from the student union presented the band and the upcoming celebration that will happen the 6th of september, where the band Fjällräven will play! (HYPE)

The working committee has continued their work by going to meetings with staff from Kristianstad University as well as other Universities to continue strengthening the student influence here in Kristianstad! The meetings have such as student city of the year projekt group, Lokal samverkan, Studentwebb, Course planing and have been creating student influence by being part of the COLURS project.

The HKRun has also happened, which was super duper fun, KSK helped arrange it together with HKR, David and Lovisa also helped with the warm-up! The race was very mixed with both students and staff taking part which is always nice to see! If you were not a part of it this year i recommend it for next year!

The working committee has also worked with the planning for next semester during the autumn such as planning for the kick-off (WOOOO) and other activities so keep your eyes open for news regarding that!

Things that will happen:

First and foremost the graduation celebration is happening the 31th May which will be super fun! KSK would also like to congratulate all of the students who are graduating and also all the students that managed to go through another semester!

In June the working committee will keep on planning for the next semester, the interviews for the volunteers will start next week (HYPE HYPE)!

The working committee will keep on going to meetings and representing you students in all parts of HKR!


Finishing text:

We here at Kristianstad student unio would like to wish all a nice graduation and summer and we will see you next semester! I(KSKs best and only Vice president) would like to thank you for reading this months important as shit 😊

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