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Welcome to the new year and to the month of January! Kristianstad student union would like to welcome all new as well as old students back to school.


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The biggest event that happens during January is that the elected people will start working, we have our office at the bottom floor of house 15 if you want to swing by and say hello!

Now to present the people who work for the union… First, we have Hugo Olsson who is the president for the entirety of Kristianstad student union, he is the youngest person of all the people in the paid posts this has earned him the nickname of the baby boss. Previously he has worked in the sexmästeriet as the foodmaster so we hope uses this experience to make lunch for the other people in the office 😊.

As the Vice-president of the student union we have David Rosenqvist, he has previously never worked with or for the union he went straight from student to vice-president. He recently became a master of lamination and he will do his best to support Hugo!

Next up we have Agnes Hillgren as student proxy, she is the only one who has had a paid post previously. Agnes is like a cliff in a storm and she is the office resident IT expert. We are very happy that she has decided to keep working for the student union!

Last but certainly not least we have Lovisa Nihlén working as study social organizer, she has previously volunteered as a board member she took care of the student unions social media. Lovisa will keep being in charge of the social media where we ! Feel free to follow us on Instagram as well as tiktok @kstad_studkar.

These four people are going to bring the student union to new and better heights never seen before!

But what is a student union without its trusty board members?

The first board member is Kevin Wiluz, he is going lead a project that we are going to reveal later, we are very excited over this and hope you will be as well!

Next up have the President and Vice-president of the sexmästeriet which is Max Seth and Amela Axelsson Canic respectively.

For those that don’t know the sexmästeriet is the social committee of the student union, they are in charge of events such as pub-Thursdays, game nights and parties among other things. To be updated on events follow them on instragram @sexmasteriet_ksk.

If you want to join the student union as a board member where you will affect the student’s future and rights here in Kristianstad university, apply on our website!

If you want to help organize parties and game nights among other things you can apply to the sexmästeriet on our website as well!

We here at Kristianstad student union hope you will continue to have an amazing January and wish you luck on your continued studies 😊

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