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Important as shit for June!


We are now in the month of June where the spring term has

come to an end and the summer holidays have finally begun!

It’s time for us to rest and charge up the batteries and to enjoy

the beautiful weather. We have already gotten a sample of the

summer rays and we at the student union hope that it lasts this


Events at KSK

What does the union do during the month of June when all the

students disappear? It turns out that we at the union are in the

works of preparing the kickoff that is this autumn between the

31st of august to the 9th of September. If you have not been a

part of a kick-off at HKR before, you definitively should pick

one up!

The nomination period for nominating yourself for a board

member position is now open until the 15th of September. You

can nominate yourself to the following positions:

President for Kristianstad Student Union

Vice President for Kristianstad Student Union

Student Proxy

Study Social Organizer

Board Member

President for Sexmästeriet

Vice President for Sexmästeriet

Business Auditor

If you are interested in any of the roles and want to know

more, you can find the information on our website

When you are ready to nominate yourself to you can send your

nomination to

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