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We at Kristianstad Student Union hope that your studies are going well here at the university. The Social Committee (Sexmästeriet) has already begun its events, and if you've missed any of them, don't worry, as there are many more events planned for this semester. Just follow the Social Committee on Instagram @sexmasteriet_ksk to stay updated.

Events at KSK

During this month, the handover process from the old board to the new board at Kristianstad Student Union is commencing, and it will last for two months. The new board will learn many valuable things that they will carry with them throughout their lives, including how Kristianstad Student Union operates as an organization.

In November, we will also have a visit from Samverkande Studenter (Samverkande Studenter or SamS), which represents student unions from various parts of Sweden that we collaborate with. We are honoured to host SamS' annual meeting this year, and during this weekend, we will also have an ugly siting (fulsittning) that you can get tickets to in Orbi until week 45. If you happen to miss this event, don't worry, as there will be more similar events in the future.

At the end of November, we will host our final formal dinner for the semester in collaboration with Cefyrekon at the Stadshotellet. Tickets are already available on Orbi, and it's a highly anticipated event where tickets tend to sell out quickly.

We at Kristianstad Student Union hope you have a pleasant November, and you are always welcome to visit our office in building 15 on the ground floor to ask questions or simply have a chat. We are here for all students!

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