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We have arrived to the month of April and we have soon hit the halfway mark of 2023. Hopefully, April will bring us lots of sun so we can go outside during lunch and enjoy the scenic nature around the university. In April some of us celebrate Easter, and we at Kristianstad Student Union wish you a happy Easter!

Events at KSK

So, what happens at the union this month? The big event is the member meeting on 17 April. During this meeting we will, amongst other things, vote in a new student proxy and a new study social organizer. The election committee has announced their recommendations, and you can find the chosen people on our social medias and on our website. All members of the Student Union have voting rights at the meeting. If you would like to vote at the meeting, become a member today via the website or at the Union’s office in house 15!

At the end of this month, on Monday April 24th, we close the application to be a part of the kick-off committee for 2023. So, if you are interested but haven’t already applied, do that immediately! The form is available on our website.


During this month we will premiere a karaokeparty at Kongen! This will take place on April 5th, so join us and show your beautiful voice! Maybe you will hear some of us sing?

Later, April 15th, we are having a party in house 6 at the university where the theme is elementary school disco! If you would like to come and dance the night away, get a ticket via Orbi today!

We at Kristianstad Student Union wish you a nice month of april, and you are always welcome to meet us in our office in house 15 on the bottom floor, maybe to ask questions or simply talk! We are here for all students!

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