Welcome to Kristianstad Student union

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The Kristianstad Student Union works here at Kristianstad University for all the students studying here. We are students who represent other students in questions where HKR or other organisations wants the general student opinion. At the same time as we represent students we also work with making the time students have here memorable and rewarding. We do this by organizing events such as the kick-off, but we are also here when students need help! Both the Student proxy and the Student chief safety representative works with helping students who needs help or have questions regarding anything from the disciplinary committee to the working environment. Never hesitate to contact us when you need help, have questions or want to engage in any way to give students a better study time!

Membership 50kr/semester

A great tip from us at the Student Union is that the membership only costs 50 kronor per semester. As a member you will, for example, be able to apply to join our social committee SAUS or the Student Unions board. On this website you can read more about what SAUS and the board works with! As a member you can also get other benefits such as extra discounts from the Mecenat card, discounts in our office and access to buy books in our bookshop. And we must not forget the extra benefits and gifts you can get as a member during the semester to make your membership worth it! Members are needed for us as a Union to be able to work more for other students. And on top of it all, the more members we are, the more of an impact we can have at HKR and on students study time!