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Secondhand bookshop


Course literature is known to be expensive and we in Kristianstad Student Union want there to be as few financial constraints as possible for you as a student. All students are welcome to submit their old student literature, the union then acts as an intermediary and is responsible for the sale.

We are thus brokers of books where you can save or earn a penny. The bookstore is located in House 15 on campus and is open for purchase between 9-16, closed for lunch 13-14

Below you have the terms of sale and purchase, which are important to read through.

For sellers of course literature

  • Anyone is welcome to submit course literature they want to sell.

  • The bookstore uses commission sales, ie. that you as a seller of the books will only get your money when the books have been sold.

  • The bookstore mediates your book / books for an administrative cost of 30 sek / book when it is sold. The seller decides for themself how much the book is to be sold for, however, the price must not exceed the market value.

  • Once you have submitted your book to The bookstore, you have the right to pick it up or change the price whenever you want (during regular opening hours of course). This is because it is still your book until someone buys it.

  • To facilitate administration and that the bookstore shelves should not be overfilled with old books, the books go to The bookstore after 6 months. Before they go to The bookstore, the bookstore will send out a reminder email 1 month before the due date and 2 weeks before the due date, where we ask you to pick up your book if you still wish to keep it.

  • When your book has been sold, an email will be sent to you and then you can pick up your money in The bookstore. Reminder emails will be sent at least 2 times after that. If you have not collected your money after 45 days, the money goes to The bookstore.

  • The bookstore does not accept compendiums or fiction.

  • The bookstore reserves the right to refuse, for example, broken books or very old editions of some books etc.

  • The bookstore is responsible for your books and in the event of theft or your book disappears during the time it is in the bookstore, The bookstore will replace the book with the amount you would have received (sales price minus fee) if the book was sold.

For buyers of course literature

  • Only union members are allowed to buy books. Union membership must be presented at purchase.

  • Before you make your purchase, review such things as the book's condition, price and edition. This is because The bookstore does not have an open purchase of books. The reason for this is that we are only a mediator of other students' books. We do not sell the books ourselves.

  • You always have the opportunity to sell the same book that you bought in the bookstore. The difference will be that you are the seller of the book and will only receive money for the book when it has been sold (for further information, see terms of sale to customers who sell books).

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