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Sexmästeriet is the Kristianstad Student Union's social committee. The purpose of Sexmästeriet is to create added value and for a good connection between international and Swedish students at Kristianstad University. This is done through social activities and events.


By social we mean what happens between students outside of or in connection with the studies.


Being part of Sexmästeriet means responsibility, commitment and knowledge. 

Responsibility= Take care of each other and our members! 

Commitment= Show up with a smile, thoughts and ideas! 

Knowledge= Contribute with your experiences! 

But being part of Sexmästeriet is also about having fun and making both friends and memories for life! 


The Corps Board determines the Sex Mastery's board members during January. On the other hand, the chairman and vice chairman of the Master of Sex are elected during the election meeting in October. To be eligible as a board member of Sexmästeriet, the applicant must be a member of the Kristianstad Student Union.

If you want to get in touch with Sexmästeriet, contact via

For more information about who is in the sex mastery click below

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Application form for Sex Mastery

To think about when applying:

  • Include your name and why you want to apply

  • Please write a little about yourself so that the board can get a picture of you

  • To be selected, you need to be member of the student union

  • As a member of the student union, you are always welcome to board meetings to introduce yourself

  • Feel free to visit or talk to the members if you have any questions or ideas to share

The link to the form can be found below.

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