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Unibuddy for 2023

We, the representatives for the Kristianstad Student Union, are looking for individuals to become Unibuddies for the 2023 spring term and are excited for your potential involvement in the project!

Please read the short description of the project below and reach out to us with any questions that might arise:

Unibuddy is based on the idea that we all need a friend, especially when being completely new to the life as a University student. Unibuddy's main focus is to create a warm and welcoming experience for our new students that aims at providing a sort of mentorship program. This mentorship consists of experienced students at the university that function as a casual contact for new students within the same program, to be there for the new group of students that semester.

To be able to communicate with each other, the individual unibuddy will set up a group chat (mainly via messenger) and invites the new class to join. This will be the forum of contact for the foreseeable future and will act as a medium for laid back and constructive dialogue.

If you are a person that likes to plan your time carefully, don’t worry, the time spent being a Unibuddy is less than you might think, but can vary depending upon your own will and possibility to be engaged with the project. The extent of your involvement is up to you and might even be less than an hour a week. Any and all time you'd like to contribute to this is completely up to you. And hey, maybe you'll find a few new awesome friends and future colleagues!

Think about all the possibilities that arise from meeting new people! Be the person, you would've liked to have met during your first days of Uni, and change someone's day with just a smile and a kind word or two.

Apply using our form and potentially change the life of a new student in a way you might never understand!

The form:

Best Regards

Kristianstad Student Union

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