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Important as shit for March!


We’re heading into the month of march and the Student Union is planning a few things.

To start off this month we’re having a band come to campus to play some live music in house 15 the 7th of march during lunch hours, 11:30-12:30! This is something organized by the Student Union and, of course, we will provide free coffee during! So, come eat your lunch and enjoy some live music, and finish off with a cup of coffee.

Events on KSK

Also during week 10 the president, the vice president and the student proxy are going to Skövde to attend SamS FörFUM March 9-12th. There, they are going to discuss some propositions and motions from SFS. SamS is a collaboration the Union has with 8 other student unions all over Sweden, which makes it possible for us to have influence over students’ politics as a group.

Events on Campus

March 17th Kristianstad University hosts an open house to attract future students. During this day the houses all over campus will be filled by activities. The Student Union will hold activities in house 15, and provide coffee for everyone.

March 22nd the vice president and the president of Sexmästeriet are going to Kalmar for a field trip. This is because Kalmar received the award for Student city of the year from Sweden’s united student unions (SFS). During the visit we hope to learn new things that will be favorable for our students un Kristianstad.

Engaged in the Kick-off 2023

Meanwhile, the application to become a committed volunteer for the Kick-off is open, and you as a student can send in your application and join us for two weeks to give the new students the greatest welcome to Kristianstad University! These weeks will be educational, but also very fun, you’ll make new friends and create life lasting memories as a committed volunteer. If you haven’t been kicked-off before and would like to, keep an eye on our social medias where we will post information regularly and tell you when it’s possible to buy a ticket for the kick-off!

Info regarding the disciplinary committee

Here are some facts about what counts as deception (cheating) and what can get you to the disciplinary board:

- Having your phone on your person while taking an examination in school, the phone has to be shut off and be put in the correct and advised place during

- Having a digital watch on your person during an examination in school

- Using aids not allowed during an examination in school

- Copying the work off of another student

- Taking material from books/websites without providing references

If you break any of these rules and end up getting convicted by the disciplinary board you may end up with a warning or being expelled for at least 4 weeks. If you get expelled you will lose your CSN during the time you get, you’re not allowed to be in the school’s halls, you don’t get access to canvas for lesson material, and you cannot hand in any school work. Make sure to follow the rules, so that you don’t affect your studies at the university.

If you would like more information regarding all of the current rules, you can go to the university’s website where all information and also consequences to discovered deception are presented.

All of us at Kristianstad Student Union wish you a lovely month of March, and you are always welcome to visit us in our office on the bottom floor of house 15, to ask some questions or just talk, we are always here for all students!

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