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Important as shit September!


We at Kristianstad Student Union hope you have had a nice summer and that you’ve longed for your studies as much as we have! First, Kristianstad Student Union would like to welcome all new students to Kristianstad University and we hope that you will have an educational, but at the same time a fun, time during your studies. And of course, we welcome back all old students for another academic year of new lessons and fun times.

Events at KSK

During the month of September there are a few things happening on campus with the union. Our kick-off has started and you will most likely see students running around in red overalls on campus. If you are curious about what we do during the kick-off, follow our kick-off instagram @kskinspark23 to see the latest pictures!

In addition, the nomination period to apply for the student union board is still open and it closes on September 15th. The positions you can apply for are the following: President (100% paid), Vice President (100% paid), Student Proxy (50% paid), Study Social Organiser (50% paid), Board Member, President of Sexmästeriet, Vice President of Sexmästeriet, and operational auditor. If you want to know more about the different roles, you can find information on our website The application itself is sent to the nomination committee's email where you describe who you are, what position you are applying for and why you would fit there.

We are also happy to present our new student proxy who is none other than Agnes Hillgren who started on September 1 and takes over from Kia Mian. Agnes handles all student law matters related to examinations, and is a link between students and teachers. We wish her good luck on the job and you as a student can reach her by email: or phone: 076 326 23 82.

Now we have also expanded our social media with two new channels. The first is that we have acquired an instagram for our kick-off @kskinspark23 where everything about the kick-off and fun pictures from the days will be posted. We have also started a TikTok @kstad_studkar where you can find fun videos about what we at Kristianstad Student Union do. So, follow us to take part in all the fun we do as a union!

We at Kristianstad Student Union hope you have a nice September and you are always welcome to come to our office in house 15 on the ground floor to ask questions or just talk, we are here for all students!

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