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Important as shit for May!

Updated: Jun 1, 2023


We have arrived to the month of May, the sun is shining more each day and you can start to hear birds singing in the trees. This month is the last full month of studies before the “summer vacation” begins and we can all enjoy a nice and hopefully sunny summer!

Events at KSK

So, what happens this month at the office? Among many events, the president and the vice president travel to SFSFum in Eskilstuna 5-8 May to discuss propositions and motions, sent out by SFS at the beginning of the year, with all member unions in SFS to vote on the new board of SFS.

Just a week thereafter (15-16 May) the president travels to Brussels to visit the EU-office to see how universities south’s EU-office works.

In the same week, on Wednesday may 17th something great happens; not only is it the National Day of Norway, but HKRun takes place! You can either choose to run a 5km long trail, or walk a 2,5km one. To sign up for this, visit and sign up until May 15th. Of course our vice president will be present to cheer you students on!

The University’s day falls on the 25th of May, where the president and vice president of Kristianstad Student Union will participate and, among other things, meet the management of Kristianstad University.

May 26th holds the big summer sitting, a banquet at Stadshotellet Kristianstad. This is a collaboration between Cefyrekon and Sexmästeriet. Get your ticket on the Orbi app.


The big event of May is the summer sitting. Other than that there will be a pub Thursday the 4th of May at O’Learys in Kristianstad where you can get discounted prices on selected items.

We here at Kristianstad Student Union wish you a happy month of May, and you are always invited to visit us in our office on the bottom floor of house 15, to ask questions or just have a chat; we are here for all students!

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