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Important as shit December!


Now we are in the last month of this year and the cold has started to set in here in Skåne as well. We at Kristianstad Student Union hope you are doing well and that you are looking forward to Christmas and next year with the new challenges to come.

If you have nothing to do on Christmas Eve, there is "a Christmas together" which is a day of activities with other students here in Kristianstad. If this sounds interesting, go to the university's website where more information is available.

Events at KSK

During this month, we will have a thank you event for everyone who has been involved in Kristianstad Student Union in any way. If you want to participate in the thank you event next year, it's easy, get involved in the Student Union through Sexmästeriet, the kick-in and more.

On December 13, we have Lucia coffee during the day for all students at the university. Come and taste mulled wine, gingerbread and other things we offer.

Then during the 16th of December, Sexmästeriet has the year's last ugly sitting, so take the opportunity to come, the theme is "come as the first letter of your name". End this semester in the best possible way through the fantastic sitting. To get more information, check the Sexmästeriet social media about the event and Orbi.

We at Kristianstad Student Union hope you have a pleasant December, and you are always welcome to visit our office in building 15 on the ground floor to ask questions or simply have a chat. We are here for all students!

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