Board chair meetings




Klara Dryselius

Klara is paid full time as president of Kristianstad Student Union. She is primarily responsible for the business and leads the board in its. You can reach her via


Vice President

Hugo Diebitsch Antoni

Hugo is a full-time paid vice president. He works with work environment issues and accomodation.

Hugo has the main responsibility for the union's social media, graphic materials and website. He also studied gastronomy before taking this position. He can be reached at


Student Proxy

Emma Persson

Emma is paid part-time as a student proxy. She works with student rights and is available to all students at Kristianstad University. You can contact Emma if you as a student experience any problems in your education. She also works with student influence at program level. She can be reached at

Board members


Board member

Simon åkesson

Simon is a board member of Kristianstad Student Union 2022. He is in his sixths semester at HKR and is studying to be a teacher. Simon is the President for the Unions Sexmästeri that takes care and plan of the social activitys like parties or games nights for students at HKR. He was also a member in the union 2021. 


Board member

Marcus Sjögren

Marcus is a board member of Kristianstad Student Union 2022. Marcus is studying to be a Subject Teacher at HKR. Marcus will sit as Vice Chairman of the Sex Mastery and help Simon with our social committee.


Board member

Natalie anzelius

Natalie will sit as a board member of Kristianstad's student union during the financial year 2022. Natalie is a glass and productive person who previously sat in the Sexmästeriet  autumn 2021. 


Kiasar Mian

Kiasar Mian is a board member of Kristianstad's student union in 2022. He is passionate about getting international students involved in student life. Kiasar studies Data




Susanne Persson

Finance Officer & Chancellor

Susanne is usually the first person you meet when you come to Kristianstad Student Union. She sits in our office and is the one who helps you pay if you want to pay the union fee or buy office supplies. You can reach her at