What does the nomination committee do?

When you want to be elected to a position within the union's activities, you can apply to the Nomination Committee in various positions. You can apply for remuneration, which means extra responsibility and a remuneration with working hours at the union's office during a financial year. You can also apply for a board member and you can read about what this means under the tab union board .

If you are completely new to the union, but still want to work for the students, you can also apply to SAUS , but you do not do this to the nomination committee.

Election process and important dates:

  • The application opens on May 15 and closes on September 15

  • You apply to the Nomination Committee by e-mail

  • You can submit a counter-nomination from 16 September to 1 October

  • The election meeting will take place in October and you should get there

  • If you are elected, you will be elected for the term of office from 1 January to 31 December

  • If you have applied for a fee, there will also be a handover period during November and December

Become part of the nomination committee

The Nomination Committee is elected by the annual meeting at the beginning of the year. Do you want to be part of this year's nomination committee and

prepare proposals for the board members, you can register your interest to

Then write your name, information about yourself and a motivation for why you should become part of the nomination committee.

After that, you need to be present at the annual meeting to be nominated and elected for a one-year term. If you want to know about the assignment, you can also send questions to