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Hello all near and dear students of HKR! We here at Kristianstad student Union Hope that you have had a wonderful month of april!

Things that have happened:

First thing that has happened is that this semesters second and last &Quiz has taken place.

It took place at the Café Duvanders, if you weren't there you missed good food, good company and a really good musician (GO Emil!)

The working committee has had their hands full with all the different project Kristianstad student union is a part of such as Students in power, COLOURS and Student City of the year!

Their have been lots of exciting meetings with the personal from HKR such as Lokal samverkan, University Council and the Quality advisory board.

We here at Kristianstad student union encourage all students to answer the course evaluation and all the other surveys that HKR and KSK are publishing regarding students wellbeing at University. It is incredibly important and every answer counts!

Kristianstad student unions social committee held an ugly sitting/barbeque night together with Cefyrekon which was incredibly nice!

There was games, singing dancing och hotdogs can it be better than that? No i don't want to think so!

The working committee were in Kalmar for the Full Council meeting of the Swedish National union of Students also called SFSFUM.

SFS is an organization that conducts student influence on a national level and the purpose of the Full council meeting is for the students unions of Sweden to decide on what SFS focus questions are in the future.

Things that will happen:

The first thing that will happen is that we here at Kristianstad student union will together with Cefyrekon host a banquet (YIPPI) the 17th of May at the Teaterbaren. Hopefully you have bought a ticket because it will be a wonderful evening!

The working committee will keep working with the projekts that Kristianstad student union is involved with, we will also work with the survey and improve on the things that came up during the survey.

The HKRun will be the 22 of May, which we the Kristianstad student union will be a part of and help! One of the Working committee will also run (YIPPI) we want to see you there!

The 24-25 of May will be the Culture night here in Kristianstad, where the student union will have hired a band to play student songs called Coola kids (It is a Swedish student band) which we are extremally excited for!

The 31 of May there will a common graduation party that HKR is hosting here on campus, it will be absolutely wonderful! We here at Kristianstad student union wishes a happy future to all the students graduating!

Finishing text:

Kristianstad student union wishes all students a happy continuation of May and Me (KSKs Best and only Vice-President) would like to thank you for reading this!

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