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The Union Board

The board of trustees works during the year for all students at Kristianstad University. All are current or former students at the university and have chosen to apply to the board in order to influence and help develop the student body for the better. The board works, among other things, with running projects such as the kick-off, gathering students' opinions and making all major decisions concerning the student union and its activities. The board includes both those who are remunerated and those who have been elected as board members, so in between there is close cooperation and wonderful discussions about both the corps' and the university's activities. In 2023, the board worked particularly with student political questions that affect students from all across sweden and the board also worked with visibility, making the work that is being done for and by students at HKR.


Good to know:

  • You can apply to the board via the selection committee

  • All members are non-profit and elected by the members

  • The board has a meeting approx. 1 time a month

  • The board also has one weekend boarding per term

  • As a member, you get extra insight into how both the Student Union and HKR work

  • After completing the assignment, you can request a certificate to have in your CV

  • There are good opportunities to build a larger contact network for the future

Do you want to read our governing documents?click here

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