Individual help

Help from us at KSK

We at Kristianstad Student Union (KSK), can help students at the university with both work environment issues and questions about the study period. The work with the study environment is something we would like students to be a part of, after all, it is both students and employees who work here at the university. In addition to the environment, there are also other things that can get in the way of students being able to complete their studies. For example, it sometimes happens that there are problems with examinations. Then we are there to support and can answer questions or solve problems that students themselves do not know how to solve.

How can I seek help?

You can email our student chief safety representative if you, for example:

  • Want to become a student safety representative

  • Have discovered that something is unsafe for students at HKR

  • Have views on the work environment at HKR

Email address to student chief safety representative :


You can email our student proxy if you, for example:

  • Have questions about rules for exams or examinations

  • Have been treated unfairly or discriminated against at HKR

  • Wonder about disciplinary matters or appeals

Email address to student  proxy:

Help to get from HKR

At HKR, there is also extra help available. Library and Higher Education (BHP), is a department that helps you who need extra support or help. More information and contact to the coordinator can be found at